Passing on the passion

I am considering teaching a few friends to sew. What do you think? I leap at the thought of sharing my favorite hobby/craft/passion, but at the same time, wonder if this might change my relationship to sewing. I am praying to keep the joy and grow in enjoyment as these ladies learn a time-honored tradition that will provide many years/projects/abilities for their future. Maybe I’m making to much of this…we shall soon find out. In the meantime, I’m waiting on some fabric and insulbright. Pot holders on the table, ready to finish.

Fresh Start

It has been far too long since I’ve spent time in this space. Since my last post I have traveled, created, and had another baby. I am ready to be back here…doing what I love: sewing, crafting, and cooking.

So get ready, I’m getting busy.

One thing I value more and more these days…

…is finding women who are strong and faithful believers. I had the most wonderful lunch today with a woman who is so rooted, so prayerful, so confident in the Lord. We laughed and talked and shared over lunch. I am so grateful to live in a country where we are free to have conversations about God and Christ out in the open, over delicious green beans and chicken. Where I can see with my eyes the Lord at work all around me and not feel fear or shame.

How I have been blessed to be surrounded with believers. He has surrounded me with women who encourage me to grow and who are open with their faith. He is hard at work on me and He freely takes my anxiety, distrust, sin and replaces it with mercy, wisdom and grace. May I always rely on him alone.

Wanting Winter


Lately I have been looking out my window in the morning and wishing for clouds.  Grey ones.  Clouds that say the air is cold and jackets are necessary.  A visual sign of the changing seasons…something that says fall.  Here in Hawaii, lately we have been excited over leftover hurricanes because they might bring some warm rains, cloudy mornings and maybe a wind gust or two. 

My want for weather has me searching the airlines for reasonable tickets…can I justify spending thousands to fly back home?  No, it doesn’t feel right when we need that money these days, not to mention I will be pretty pregnant in October and it won’t be easy with a toddler.  But oh, to hold an orange-dead leaf in my hand, to hear dry cold grass under foot.  To see Jack bundled up…with socks!  Let me check those prices again.  Please oh please…


Where Have i Been?

Sorry to vanish for the past few months but I have been busy working on a very consuming project…building a baby. Yep, overwhelming morning sickness…then evening sickness, extreme tiredness that only sloths experience, that has been the center of my existance. But, as luck would have it, I am into trimester 2 and feeling like a person again. No news yet as to the gender of this child, hopefully next month, but I can share this baby is not a fan of the Indian/Thai/Chinese that was at the center of my pregnancy last time. It is bland diet for me. Wahoo. Anyway, I hope to be creating again soon, so check back.

Thanks for all the well wishes everybody!

Needs and Wants

Madsen Cycles Cargo Bikes
This is not a need, but a MAJOR want. Have you heard of them? If I had this bike, I would go to the garden center and load up on flowers, soil, hand tools, and maybe even a pot or two. Better yet…

If I had this bike, I could take it for a ride around the neighborhood. And if I saw some funny business going down, I would chase, like lightning, the troublemakers. On this bike I could catch them and put them in the bucket and haul them to the authorities. This would be really effective if the troublemakers were a band of cute yellow lab puppies and the authorities were, well, me.

If I had a vehicle like this fine piece of machinery, I could deliver Christmas treats to every house on the block. Like glass jars filled with cocoa mix, tins stuffed with handmade macaroon cookies, and paper bags carefully packed with still warm caramel popcorn.

Oh yes, all the things I could do.

Craft Fair

Thanks to everyone who came out to the Hickam Craft Fair! It was my first time doing one of these shin-digs and I was overwhelmed at the positive comments and supportive shoppers! I really didn’t know what to expect and I feel inspired to consider making this an annual event in my book.  dsc02472

Of course I loved my booth, but I was also blown away by the creativity and artistry of the other vendors. Did you see the refinished furniture gal? Good thing my hunny had the atm card or I could have done some real damage. There was another darling booth, featuring handbags, headbands, and totes. Most seemed to be made with Amy Butler fabric, and who doesn’t love Amy!

If you visited my booth, let me personally thank you. This here, is my blog- just a little bit of me.  But if you saw something you liked or would like to talk about a custom order, please contact me through this site. I love making things for babies and small kids, baby showers, cribs and kitchen accents, but I am also open to collaborating with you on special projects.  I am working to put together an shop, but have a few details to iron out before the unveiling, so stay tuned :o).

I try to blog often about the projects on my sewing table, the challenges of crafting and parenting, and sometimes about life’s unexpected blessings.  Come by often and please, let me know what you think.

And at last, I would like to make a special acknowledgement to Shannon, my boothmate:  you so inspire me.  How can I express how grateful I am for your friendship?  It has been an honor to know you.  Thanks for being willing to put your beautiful creations next to mine.

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Special Orders, Inquiries & Comments

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